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Augmented Reality For Marketing

Customer Connections

Augmented reality is a compelling way to connect with consumers and provide additional information about the product or service on display. From product discovery, to point of sale information, augmented reality can deliver additional value to your customers while empowering them with online resources in real time. AR allows marketing services companies to provide contextual links between its offers and online resources, points of sale and social platforms. This proximity encourages consumers to engage with the brand and increases awareness of their promotional activities.


Virtual Real Estate Open House Tour

AR technology allows companies to provide information to consumers via their mobile devices. By linking with a mobile app, augmented reality enables companies to provide a layer of contextual content on the images captured by users of the phone camera.

AR street app

AR can also allow businesses to bring a new level of responsiveness and communication to their marketing campaigns. By linking real-world advertisements and experiences with online resources, you can provide information that is much more relevant to your customer.

engineer using smart tablet with augmented mixed with virtual reality technology to monitoring machine in real time

AR is a uniquely powerful tool for marketers. It can provide contextual links between their offer to consumers, online resources and points of sale. This helps increase traffic and sales for brands. With AR technology, customers are able to see how products fit into their home or at work before making a purchase decision. Customers are not just getting information about your product or service – they are watching a demonstration of the product in use (“Try it for yourself!”), learning about its features, benefits and availability. If you have an online store, customers can order straight from their mobile devices with a simple click on an Augmented Reality button.

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