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XRVZN builds VR, AR, XR and games. We create immersive worlds that engage your customers by letting them experience your products like never before. XRVZN has been building immersive content for years. We believe that the future of entertainment is in XR. We know how to create brand-new experiences and we’re ready to prove it to you. Take a look at our services.

Virtual Reality for Training

XRVZN designs and develops custom training simulations in Virtual Reality for all sorts of industries including construction, medical, aerospace, and entertainment. Our team has the expertise and industry specific knowledge to create immersive interactive experiences that fully engage users and provide long lasting, impactful training solutions. Bring XRVZN into your next project!


Augmented Reality For Marketing

Augmented reality is transforming the way brands interact with consumers. Augmented reality can create new ways for companies to engage with customers in stores, at events or through direct marketing messages.


Game Development

XRVZN designs, develops, and publishes games for a variety of platforms. We use an agile approach to development with a focus on the quality of our products. We develop for the web, mobile and desktop. We also work with clients to design their own game or gamification platform.


3D Modeling & Animation

Create a realistic visual experience with the help of XRVZN. Our team of 3d designers and programmers can create virtual reality simulations, models and assets for holographic fan videos or augmented reality experiences. We help you create your digital representation and give it a physical form.


Mobile App Design Development

XRVZN is a mobile app development company specializing in training and promotional apps used by businesses. We create customized immersive experiences to give your brand a competitive advantage. Our experts use cutting edge tools and technologies to help businesses become more efficient and productive.


Holographic Fan video creation

XRVZN creates custom 3D videos to ensure your brand captures the attention of your visitors. The holographic fan video is specifically designed to take advantage of the holographic effect created by the fan display and will create massive attention and buzz at your booth and draw visitors into the conversation about your products.