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3D Modeling & Animation

Technical Artistry

XRVZN creates 3D assets for virtual reality simulations, augmented reality experiences and holographic fan videos to name a few platforms. XRVZN has always been enthusiastic about new technologies, and we are always looking to innovate in terms of technology, design, and concept. We have dedicated teams working on producing high quality models that are deliverable in a short time.


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XRVZN is a top VR content creation studio specializing in 3D model creation. Creating high quality models of everything from handheld construction tools to entire cities. We have flexible model creation services that let you hire only what you need, allowing our studios to be nimble and responsive to your ever-changing needs. Our team of digital artists and 3D designers, create high quality 3D models used in virtual reality simulations, holographic fan videos, and augmented reality experiences.

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XRVZN is a new media company solving for the lack of VR content. We utilize an extensive library of 3D models and real-life scenes that are ready to use within AR and VR experiences, allowing users to avoid a lot of the time-consuming design processes traditionally encountered. Our expertise lies in developing the most suitable strategy to provide resolution-ready assets that are cost effective while maintaining the levels of quality our clients demand.

Your project is important to us. We get it. XRVZN takes the time to understand your needs and provides you with 3D models that will exceed your expectations. We’ve got the expertise and hardware you need to build amazing projects. With our unique mix of artistry and technology we enable your brand to become a true immersive experience. Let’s discuss your modeling needs today…