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A Virtual Reality for Training Development Company

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The K-Learning Group is a Maryland based leading provider of Innovative Workforce Development Technologies. We provide solutions in developing a productive, proficient, and safe workforce to Technical Education Centers, including apprenticeship programs, across North America. XRVZN is our Innovative Workforce and Technology Development Division. At XRVZN, we develop and implement immersive training applications for today’s adult learners through Augmented, Virtual and eXtended Reality.

Our team of experts designs and develops customized simulations that cater to the specific needs of each client. Using the latest VR technology, we create lifelike environments that offer an immersive experience for trainees.

As a virtual reality training company, we are committed to building the most advanced virtual reality training simulations available. Our virtual reality training simulations are a game-changing tool for any organization looking to enhance their training programs and improve the performance of their workforce.

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AR and VR and XR can be used to help demonstrate complex products and services, create compelling training courses, or allow people to experience environments that would otherwise be out of reach. As a virtual reality training company at our core, we help our clients harness the incredible power and flexibility of these technologies to find new customers, launch new products, train employees and create buzz. Our team will work closely with you to realize your creative vision. We also use our extensive experience in branding and digital marketing to ensure that the AR and VR applications we design reflect your organization’s branding and core values. Together, we can find exciting and innovative ways to meet your goals.